Velebit mountain photo session | Julia + Robert

Mountain photo session. Northern Velebit, Croatia.

Here is a secret engagement proposal. Planning a secret proposal can be quite stressful, but Robert made a perfect plane to surprise Julia and everything went as smoothly as possible. She didn’t expect to be proposed at all, and it was a real surprise for her. Here’s how it all started.. A year ago, I was planning to have a free couple photo session in Vienna, and Julia responded, but unfortunately we couldn’t match the date. Robert knew how much she wanted this photo session, and decided to contact me a year later, without Julia’s knowledge. He asked me if we could organise something in secret for Julia. I was thrilled with the idea and we started to make a plane. My task was to contact Julia again and ask if she is interested to participated in another free photo session in Croatia, but this time in mountains. As you can guess, she was so excited about it all.

They both live and study in Vienna, but their hometown is Croatia. And as a nature lovers, his plane was to make it somewhere away from the traffic and crowds. He decided to do it in nature, with some beautiful view and decision has fallen to Zavižan, Velebit. Zavižan is one of the best known localities in the Northern Velebit National Park, especially for nature engagement photo session. Since Velebit forms a natural border between continental and mediterranean regions of Croatia, it has one view to the endless mountains backdrops and the other to the blue sea filled with islands. It was absolutely amazing to be able to capture their love in the top of the mountain in such a beautiful place like Zavižan.

This mountain photo session started in the meadows, where the tall grass and end of day sunlight really set the mood for this mountain photo session. These two couldn’t stop smiling at each other and I knew that it would be a perfect time for proposal. As the evening progressed we took a quick hike up the mountain top Vučjak, and as Robert and I agreed before, I suggest them how to stand to get some nice sunset proposal shots. And then Robert pop the question! She was literally  stunned. She couldn’t stop laughing and crying at the same time. It was really beautiful experience making memories with this two beautiful souls who are so in love with each other. I am so grateful that I could froze moments that they would hold forever.

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