Zagreb photo session | Nina + Mislav

The weather forecast for the day I was meeting Nina and Mislav for their Zagreb photo session wasn’t promising. It seemed like the golden hour would be anything but that. So, to avoid the forecasted rain, we agreed to meet a couple of hours before the sunset to catch some rays of light before the rain started. But, as I was heading to meet them, the Sun shone through the clouds bright and clear.

I immediately noticed how adorable Nina looked, her dress was a beautiful pastel pink and her flower headpiece was not only stunning but turned out to have a story as well. It was a gift from her dear friend who wore it at her wedding day. The headpiece really was the essence of the photo session, showcasing all the pastel colours of the day in its flowers – the colour of Mislav’s shirt, Nina’s dress and shoes, the tones of the old streets, the rain that didn’t fall. A lucky charm indeed!

Since the light was too harsh for my liking we decided to take a risk and went for a drink at Dežman Bar first. Anyway, a drink is always a good idea before a photo session, right? After drinks, we headed to Gornji Grad. While roaming the cobbled streets, Nina and Mislav danced, laughed, kissed. Their love energy was bursting and their laughter echoed the empty streets. With no rain in sight, we decided to finish our Zagreb photo session outside the city. We headed to Cmrok to find a green meadow to wrap it up before dark. There, barefoot and free, Nina and Mislav lost themselves in their tender love among the tall trees and green grass…

I loved working with these two and can’t wait to do it all over again for their wedding at La Grma

ClientNina + MislavServicesEngagement photo sessionYear2017